Do you want to live in a connected, sustainable community? Do you want to be part of a growing movement helping to create alternatives to our unsustainable life styles?

So do we! Transition Newcastle is part of the global Transition Network that is demonstrating that we do have choices. We want to create ways of living that:

  • Promote environmental and social sustainability
  • Build strong, connected communities
  • Value relationship and quality of life over wealth and material goods
  • Conserve the World’s finite resources

Learn more about our main projects:


The Fair Share Festival was held over 10, 12 & 13 November 2016. Find out more about the festival and see photos. 

banner-with-date-v4You can also head over to Events to check out upcoming events or add your own, sign up for our newsletter, read up on other local initiatives or read inspiring stories from around the world (some involving Transition Streets in Newcastle and Melbourne!) at 21 Stories of Transition.

We’re on social media! You can like our Transition Newcastle Facebook page, join the discussion at the Newcastle Upcyclers Facebook group, or follow us on Twitter.