All awash at the Fair Share Festival

Doing your own dishes is part of what makes the Fair Share Festival a bit different.

When you come to the Fair Share Festival at Hamilton Public School on November 12 and 13, you may notice something missing. There aren’t going to be a lot of rubbish bins, and that’s a deliberate choice.

As part of the festival’s theme of addressing waste and over-consumption, we’re hoping to show that you can still have a big community event without generating a lot of rubbish.  If you bring your own food, we ask that you take home its packaging. There will be plenty of good stuff to eat and drink on sale at the festival but they won’t be sold with single-use plastic plates and cups or cutlery.  

You’re welcome to bring your own cup or plates, but you don’t have to. The Samaritans have kindly lent crockery and cups for the day, and we’re asking visitors to wash up after themselves at the dish-washing stations.

And unlike doing the dishes at home, it’s fun to wash up in the open air with people you’ve only just met. You might even convince the kids to do it for you.


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