Kids get creative

Kids can have fun while learning about sustainability at Feedback Organic Recovery’s workshop.

Kids love gardening. It’s probably something to do with all that dirt. Feedback Organic Recovery is running free kids’ creative workshops at the Fair Share Festival at Hamilton Public School on November 12 and 13, to inspire budding gardeners and urban farmers.

At this workshop, suitable for children over the age of 5, (or under 5 with parental participation), kids will learn to create a compostable planter pot from newspaper, and take home a seedling in it to nurture. The pots can be planted straight into the ground at home.

Seedlings at the festival may include native ginger, native grasses and herbs.

Feedback Organic Recovery was founded on the philosophy that there is no such thing as waste. Feedback conducts children’s workshops to show young people how easy it is to be more sustainable in everyday living through engaging, interactive and educational experiences. Read more about David Syver from Feedback Organic Recovery.

Come share the joy of gardening at the festival – there’s also workshops on composting, building garden planters from wooden pallets, and a panel discussion on urban farming. See the full program here for details and how to book.

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