How to eat without consuming the planet


Are you eating the planet? The food on your plate might not be as good for the environment as it is for you. Find out how you can eat more sustainably at the Fair Share Festival workshop “Eating without consuming the planet” by Kate Beveridge and Mark Brown, of Purple Pear Farm.

Kate and Mark can teach you how to save money and produce tasty meals through obtaining locally produced, seasonal fresh food and cooking from scratch. They’ll explain how packaging, processing, and travelling vast distances is part of our food’s hidden environmental cost. 

You’ll learn about the benefits of a simple menu plan for using food in season now, available locally,  as well as hints and tips on growing your own food and how to deal with garden pests, composting,  and buying from co-ops, farmers markets and some home delivery options.  

Join this free workshop at the Fair Share Festival, at 1pm on Saturday November 12 at Hamilton Public School.  

And speaking of food, there will be lots of delicious things to eat and drink at the festival. Visitors can bring their own plates if they wish, but we’ll have a washing up station and ordinary plates and cutlery rather than single use plastic throw-aways. Read more about that here.


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