Lemonade & creativity at Hamilton Public School

Photo courtesy of See Vanessa Craft http://seevanessacraft.com/2013/06/diy-tutorial-crate-lemonade-stand-for-kids/

Have you ever had real lemonade, prepared and sold by children, and made from lemons grown in the backyard? This classic symbol of youthful enterprise comes to life at the Fair Share Festival on Saturday November 12 at Hamilton Public School.  

Hamilton Public has hosted the Fair Share Festival since its inception, and is a school that prides itself on its creativity, community involvement and sustainability practices, making it the perfect partner for the festival.

Students from kindergarten to Year 6 have been busy preparing for the big community event, which is all about sustainability, addressing waste and over-consumption.

Besides collecting lemons from within their neighbourhood, students have been making tokens recycled from magazine pages for the clothes and book swap shop, and preparing to build a giant collage.

As the writing on the big yellow chair at the school gate says “Creative things happen here”, including the Fair Share Festival on Saturday November 12 and  Sunday November 13.

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