Imagination on parade at Upcycled fashion runway


Be inspired to give your old clothes new life at the Fair Share Festival’s Upcycled Fashion Parade at Hamilton Public School on Sunday November 13 from 2pm.

Hosted by fashion activist Jane Milburn, author of the Slow Clothing Manifesto, the fashion parade will showcase clothes and accessories that have been reinvented, reconstructed or reimagined.

Instead of recycling or throwing away clothes that no longer fit, or are minorly damaged, upcycling allows them to be salvaged and return as new, old favourites.

Garments by Jane Milburn and local upcycler Cathy Stuart will feature in the parade and participants in the festival’s upcycling workshops and home fashionistas are encouraged to include their creations in the parade.

If you don’t have any upcycled clothes, celebrate sustainability by wearing your old favourite clothes to the festival –  hand-me-downs, op-shop bought, recycled, handmade or just something you’ve had and loved for ages. Take a selfie on the day and share using #oldfavourite  or #upcycled.

And don’t forget the clothing and book swap, and the sewing lounge and upcycling cafe at the festival on Saturday, and the screening of the documentary exposing the fast fashion industry “The True Cost” on Thursday November 10.

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