Fair Share Festival 2016


What is it?

jeans-dress-smallTimed to coincide with National Recycling Week, the third Fair Share Festival will be a weekend of inspiration, education, community building, creative actions and entertainment. The festival includes:

  • Speakers, panel discussion and workshops about consumption, waste and alternatives (Saturday)
  • Upcycling workshops (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Building a Tiny House out of recycled and waste materials (Saturday and Sunday)
  • A screening of The True Cost, a film exploring who pays the price for our fast fashion (Thursday evening 10 November at the Museum)
  • A giant clothing and book swap (Saturday afternoon)
  • A sewing lounge/upcycle cafe (Saturday afternoon)
  • An upcycled fashion parade (Sunday afternoon)
  • Children’s upcycling, art and circus activities (Saturday)
  • Market stalls – food and upcycled/recycled products (Saturday)
  • Music and entertainment including a Community Music Jam session (Saturday)

This year, the festival has been initiated by people from one of our projects, Upcycle Newcastle, so the festival will have more of an emphasis on creativity, practical skills, and hands on participation in upcycling projects – taking responsibility for our over-consumption and waste. Interestingly, for the first time, most of the organising group are women.

Program and flyer

The program is now available. We are still waiting for confirmation for a few events, so come back soon for more details.

Click here for the latest Fair Share Festival promotional flyer


Who will be presenting?

Watch for more announcements but some of our confirmed presenters include:

Jane-MilburnJane Milburn

Fresh from Australian rural leadership study, Jane embarked on the 365-day Sew it Again campaign throughout 2014 to bring together her wide-ranging career and life experiences in a meaningful way. As with the rising interest in home cooking and food growing for health and wellbeing, Jane believes there is a pressing need to rethink our approach to clothing for sustainability. Jane’s model includes empowering individuals to reimagine and recreate their own wardrobe collection by resewing at home. Jane is part of the Fashion Revolution bringing awareness to where clothes come from and the resources from which they are made. Learn more about her work at Textile Beat. Jane will discuss fast fashion and slow clothing as well as conduct two practical workshops and display garments from the national Slow Clothing Project in the upcycled fashion parade. Read more about Jane in the Newcastle Herald

Outfits from the Slow Clothing Project on show at the Revive event in Brisbane
Outfits from the Slow Clothing Project on show at the Revive event in Brisbane

Tricia Hogbin

After devoting almost 20 years to threatened plant conservation – Tricia grew tired of shuffling deck chairs. She’s spent the past few years consciously making major changes to the way she lives. She believes that finding meaning in creativity and connections rather than stuff is a key to ensuring a fair and sustainable future. She believes we need to learn to be grateful for what we have rather than continually want for more.

Five years ago Tricia’s family was urban-living, dual income and busy. Overwhelm regularly tempted her to make choices that weren’t consistent with her beliefs and her daughter was in full-time childcare. Tricia and her family have since learnt to prioritise resilience over riches. They clarified goals, decluttered schedules and belongings, sold their urban home and moved into a rural shed. Tricia learnt to say no, let go of the fear of missing out, and even had the honour of serving breakfast to a Buddhist monk for three months.

Today her family is mostly single-income, almost mortgage free, and living in a tiny home made from a shipping container. Tricia has ample time to adventure with her daughter; spends time in her garden most days; tends a small flock of chickens and a couple of beehives; and finally feels she is living a life rather than earning a living. She shares snippets of her life on instagram as triciaeco.

Tricia will facilitate a workshop on creating time for YOUR fair and sustainable life.

Other presenters include:

  1. Bonnie McBain, an environmental lecturer and blogger at Herding the Green Chicken, will facilitate a change maker workshop
  2. Shann Turnbull, from the International Institute for Self-governance, Management and Investment Services, will discuss creating a zero growth economy

There will be panel discussions on:

  1. The share and sharing economy
  2. Parenting in a consumer world
  3. Managing waste
  4. Responding to food waste
  5. Dealing in waste
  6. Urban farming
  7. Creating an ecology centre for Newcastle

Some of the practical workshops include:

  1. Upcycling palletsTextile upcycling -beginner and intermediate workshops
  2. Upcycling ceramics
  3. Composting
  4. Upcycling pallets
  5. Re-upholstery
  6. Making a guitar from waste


One of the features of the festival that has remained constant has been the partnership with Hamilton Public School, where all the festivals have been held. This year we are really pleased that the school is getting behind the festival again and we are discussing ways of involving students in the lead up to and during the festival.

The first festival was attended by 250 people. The second festival grew to 800. We are confident that, with good weather, this year will be the most successful and we are aiming at 2000 people.

The festival is a real community effort and relies on many unpaid hours of work. Thanks to support of the City of Newcastle, we are going to be able provide a small honorarium to some of the people running upcycling workshops, and we are hoping other sponsors will come on board who will help cover the costs.

upcycling-stallWant to get involved?

If you’re interested in contributing something to the Festival, or becoming a sponsor or partner, or just have some ideas, please get in touch with us! More information is included in this Expression of Interest form.

For more detail email: upcycling@transitionnewcastle.org.au

Or call Cathy on: 0411 434 013

Thanks to our sponsors and supporters!

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