The Fair Share Festival presenters

More to come!

Bonnie McBain (Workshop: Change making – how to think outside the square)

Circus Avalon (Ground-based circus activities on the grass for kids – and adults!)

Caroline Veldhuizen (Jobs, Growth…and sustainability? Exploring approaches to some difficult questions)

Graeme Stuart (Panel discussion: Parenting in a consumer society)

Jane Milburn (Q&A session after screening of The True Cost; Presentation on Fast Fashion, Slow Clothing; Beginner textile upcycling workshop; Intermediate textile upcycling workshop)

Lou Day (Presentation: Sustainable Hairdressing)

Mary O’Connor (Panel discussion: Food Waste & What Can We Do About It)

Michael Osborne (Panel discussion: Food Waste & What Can We Do About It)

Monique Maguire (Panel discussion: Food Waste & What Can We Do About It)

Paul Hodge (Panel discussion: Parenting in a consumer society)

Sandy Ryan (Panel discussion: Parenting in a consumer society)

Shann Turnbull (De-growth economy and well-being)

Simon Outhred (Panel discussion: Food Waste & What Can We Do About It)

Tricia Hogbin (Interactive workshop: Making Time for a Sustainable Life)


Bonnie McBain

bonnie-mcbainI am a sustainability scientist by day and a parent, partner and community participant by night. I always knew I wanted to be a sustainability scientist even before there was such a profession so over time I have collected, created and wrestled through a range of projects to contribute to the future I want for my community and family – having quite a bit of fun in the process too, I might add. In my day job doing sustainability research and teaching I have learnt so much from so many people. I hope what I share here might be helpful to those who want to live their own version of a safe, just and sustainable  future. I also write a blog Herding The Green Chicken: ideas for creating the future we want.

circus-avalonCircus Avalon

Ground-based circus activities on the grass for kids – and adults!

Circus Avalon runs the Avalon Circus Academy which teaches circus to a wide variety of groups, produces festival shows and high quality corporate acts, and presents regular seasons in its 300 seater big top.  The next such show is opening at the Newcastle Fringe Festival in March. Its based at the Waratah technology High and sessions for children are open on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons. Please contact John on 0409 495 747 for more information.

Caroline Veldhuizen

Dr Caroline Veldhuizen is a Conjoint Senior Lecturer with the Tom Farrell Institute for the Environment and tutor at Macquarie University. After a decade as a commercial lawyer she moved from Sydney to the Hunter Valley and began her research career with the Hunter Research Foundation. Caroline spent 10 years as an economic researcher and presenter, and also worked on the Foundation’s  regional wellbeing project. She received her Doctorate in early 2016 after completing a thesis which examines the connections between ‘innovation’ and social and ecological sustainability. The urgent need to re-consider what we define as innovation emerged from the work. Caroline’s ongoing interests concern the connections between democracy, the ‘good life’ and bringing about positive, sustainability focussed change.

Graeme StuartGraeme Stuart

I’m passionate about inclusive, interactive processes that help create a better world by building on the strengths of communities and individuals. I’m a lecturer in community engagement and family studies at The University of Newcastle’s Family Action Centre, a blogger (Sustaining Community), the convenor of  Transition Newcastle, a facilitator with the Alternatives to Violence Project and, with his partner Cathy (the Festival Coordinator), is the proud parent of Jasmine (15) and Alexa (13).

Jane-MilburnJane Milburn

Fresh from Australian rural leadership study, Jane embarked on the 365-day Sew it Again campaign throughout 2014 to bring together her wide-ranging career and life experiences in a meaningful way. As with the rising interest in home cooking and food growing for health and wellbeing, Jane believes there is a pressing need to rethink our approach to clothing for sustainability. Jane’s model includes empowering individuals to reimagine and recreate their own wardrobe collection by resewing at home. Jane is part of the Fashion Revolution bringing awareness to where clothes come from and the resources from which they are made. Learn more about her work at Textile Beat. Jane will discuss fast fashion and slow clothing as well as conduct two practical workshops and display garments from the national Slow Clothing Project in the upcycled fashion parade. Read more about Jane in the Newcastle Herald

Lou Day

Lou commenced her career in the industry in 1996. In that time Lou has worked in Sydney and London, alongside some of the world’s finest hairdressers, designers and models. After relocating from Sydney to Newcastle and spending some time in emerging salons Lou opened her own boutique salon in the trendy suburb Islington.  Cheveux by Lou has evolved over a short period to become an ambassador for not only providing quality services but also being environmentally friendly. Lou has formed partnerships with Jeval, one of the few brands to blend technology and ecology with the highest quality vegan botanical plant base products, and Sustainable Salons whose services ensure the least amount of damage to our environment through the recycling of 95% of salon waste.

mary-oconnorMary O’Connor

Mary O’Connor is the owner/manager of The Fresh Ingredient, a fruit, vegetable and gourmet food store in Georgetown. Mary placed her 17 year career as a librarian on hold to raise her two children. When her husband suggested creating The Fresh Ingredient in May 2009, she strapped a toddler in a pram, another in a sling and went to work. The store is based on old fashioned principles of eat fresh, reduce waste, re-use what you can & recycle as much as possible.

megan-and-zeb-and-sydMegan Sharkey

Megan is an advocate for sustainable development and sustainable living, she is the Chair of the CycleSafe Network and currently the Environmental Officer at UON.   She degrees from the USA and AUS in Bachelors in Biochemistry, Masters in Planning and Masters in Sustainable Development and worked internationally on environmental issues.  Practicing sustainable living with her family ( she is a wife and mother of 2 boys, 3 and 5) couldn’t be more different than the way she grew up.  Megan grew up in an “American” household; fastfood, Walmart, and disposable plastics galore.  Now though, she lives car-free, rarely uses plastic, and is a healthier eater!  She tries to make this the normal not only for her family, but works tirelessly with the local community to make this the norm.

michael-osborneMichael Osborne

Michael Osborne is a Greens Councillor for Newcastle, and has been for ten years, during which time he has served periods as the Deputy Lord Mayor. He has been involved in community actions, forums, and rallies, ranging from Climate Action Newcastle to Refugee Action Network Newcastle.

Michael has been a successful campaigner and understands how to represent community issues. He also has qualifications as an environmental engineer with management qualifications, and lectures on climate change policy at the University of Newcastle.

monique-maguire-ozharvest-managerMonique Maguire

Monique has been at the helm of OzHarvest Newcastle since September, 2010. She is very proud of her team and the outstanding results they have achieved in food rescue in the Newcastle area. Prior to joining the OzHarvest family, Monique spent 13 years in uniform in the NSW Police Force, as well as having worked in retail, real estate and finance. She considers herself a ‘people person’. When she is not organising the OzHarvest Newcastle operation you will find her watching the Newcastle Knights or spending time with her husband and two teenage children.

paul-hodge-2-jpgPaul Hodge

Apart from teaching at the University of Newcastle in the Discipline of Geography and Environmental Studies, Paul spends most of his ‘non-work’ time with his three teenage children, Charlee, Emily and Lucas. As a shared parenting household, the daily practice of raising teenagers is a climate changing world presents many challenges. Paul’s veganism adds that extra bit of complexity.

Sandy Ryan

Sandy is a children’s librarian – her partner, James, works for the NSW Greens and the Environmental Defender’s Office.  Their two children, Indigo and Reuben, spent most of their early childhood as part of the family team that ran Stringybark Graphics, a small fabric design and clothing manufacturing business – its flexible nature allowed for lots of family time!  The family looks back on that time with pleasure, and we all agree it was a great start!

Shann Turnbull

shann-turnbullDr Shann Turnbull has been a serial entrepreneur establishing a number of businesses including two mutual funds and three enterprises that became listed on the stock exchange. He also obtained experience as a CEO and/or chair of listed companies as a founding member of a private equity syndicate that purchased control and re-organised a dozen publicly traded companies from 1967 to 1974. Since writing Democratising the wealth of nations in 1975 he has been working on reforming the theories and practices of capitalism. During 1977/8 he was commissioned by the Australian Government to undertake the first economic analysis of Aboriginal Communities that was published as Parliamentary Paper. During the early 1980’s he was a presenter in the US of week long E.F. Schumacher seminars for community activist interested building a new self-reliant economy. His lectures notes were published with the other two presenters in Building Sustainable Communities; Tools and concepts for self-reliant economic change. In 1990 and 1991 he advised Czech + Slovakia government authorities on privatisation and also in 1991 the State Commission for reforming the Economic System in the Peoples Republic of China. Shann has lectured at Australian Universities and been a guest lecturer at  a number of overseas Universities including Harvard and MIT. In 2011 he became a founding member of the Sustainable Money Working Group based in the UK and in 2014 a founding member of the New Garden Cities Alliance.

simon-outhredSimon Outhred

I was born around the Newcastle area, but traveling is where life really started.
Having been a part of the Broome/James Price Point campaign, which eventually was won, taught me many things including the value and impact of every individual action and the impact that every person can have if they choose to enact their passions. Watching the water divert from one careless step on the beach near a small trickle of water leaching back into the ocean taught me that the impacts we have are beyond our control and often our knowledge. The philosophy of living off the waste of our throwaway society has pushed me into becoming a recidivist dumpster-diver, having lived predominantly off this waste for 5 years, and having so much extra to share i dont believe i will be changing that part of my life for many years to come.

tricia-hogbinTricia Hogbin

After devoting almost 20 years to threatened plant conservation – Tricia grew tired of shuffling deck chairs. She’s spent the past few years consciously making major changes to the way she lives. She believes that finding meaning in creativity and connections rather than stuff is a key to ensuring a fair and sustainable future. She believes we need to learn to be grateful for what we have rather than continually want for more.

Five years ago Tricia’s family was urban-living, dual income and busy. Overwhelm regularly tempted her to make choices that weren’t consistent with her beliefs and her daughter was in full-time childcare. Tricia and her family have since learnt to prioritise resilience over riches. They clarified goals, decluttered schedules and belongings, sold their urban home and moved into a rural shed. Tricia learnt to say no, let go of the fear of missing out, and even had the honour of serving breakfast to a Buddhist monk for three months.

Today her family is mostly single-income, almost mortgage free, and living in a tiny home made from a shipping container. Tricia has ample time to adventure with her daughter; spends time in her garden most days; tends a small flock of chickens and a couple of beehives; and finally feels she is living a life rather than earning a living. She shares snippets of her life on instagram as triciaeco.