Tiny House Project

Larni (16) and Jasmine (15) will build a Tiny House at the Fair Share Festival!

Tiny House team-with-trailerWith some support from Ian Dawes (a builder), Cayde Tasker (an artisan welder) and Cathy (Jasmine’s mother) they are drawing up plans, finding materials and preparing for the build which will be during the Saturday and Sunday of the festival. The house, (which will fit on a trailer) is being made from recycled and waste materials.

Larni and Jasmine became friends at one of our Upcycling workshops and both have an interest in creatively using waste. The Tiny House Project will be a chance to develop skills and also raise awareness about consumption and waste.

The growing interest in Tiny Houses is part of a groundswell looking for alternatives to affluent lifestyles where bigger is better. By building the Tiny House at the Festival, Jasmine and Larni hope to inspire others (especially their generation) to use waste creatively. Transition Newcastle is supporting this project as it demonstrates alternatives to our current unsustainable levels of consumption, and highlights young people making a difference.

Tiny House Sketches 2 Tiny House sketches 1

During the Festival you will be able to watch their progress, a few people will be able to help work on the house, and there will be workshops where anyone can help make things to go in the house (e.g., furnishings).

filming-fri-1After the festival the Tiny House will be stored at Larni’s place (so she can move in) but Transition Newcastle will also use it to promote sustainability, upcycling building waste and living within our means, at local festivals and events.

There’s been lots of media interest. Better Homes and Garden (with Adam) are filming a segment for early next year over the Festival and there was a good story about the project in the Newcastle Herald.

Photos of the Tiny House Project

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