Upcycle Newcastle


Upcycle Newcastle focuses on changing the way we see waste. Instead of an end product that needs to be disposed of, adding to the ballooning waste stream, it can be re-imagined as a starting point for something new, beautiful or useful – a process called ‘upcycling’. We are tapping into a wider trend lead by artists, makers and craftspeople and practiced as a matter of necessity in third world countries.

The Jeans Dress

Transition Newcastle is working to build a thriving upcycling community in Newcastle. Our workshops and classes (see the events page) are actively building a creative community dedicated to making beautiful and useful things from what some consider worthless. The outcome is impressive (ballgown from discarded jeans, anyone?) and the process is satisfying and fun! Through these workshops, classes and events which will follow (watch this space!), we hope participants will gain (and share) skills and confidence in creating new things from old, reinvigorating, reinventing and adapting.

We are aiming, in the longer term, to run a physical space which will be a creative hub of individuals and groups who will use and transform waste materials.

Have a look at our current community engagement project – the Circle of Waste community rag rug.

Join the discussion on our Facebook group! You can also check out some photos of past events on Facebook here and here, or on this website by following the links below.

Early on Upcycle Newcastle was supported by a Community Assistance Grant from the City of Newcastle.


The Story of Win’s Chair

Mayfield Better Block, May 2016

Shirts and Skirts Workshop, April 2016

Chair Upcycling Day, April 2016

Denim Upcycling Workshop, February 2016

Ties and Tshirts Workshop, October 2015