The Story of Win’s Chair

The Story of Win’s Chair

Once upon a time there was an old chair, Win’s chair. It was becoming tired and crusty and didn’t like people sitting on it any more. It really needed a new lease on life. It just didn’t want to end up in landfill.


At the Mayfield Better Block event, Win’s chair met lots of creative people willing to spend time with it. Josephine helped Win pull off all the crusty bits…


Cathy and Anne cut and sewed strips of denim from old jeans together into a very long strip,


and they wrapped them around the frame of Win’s chair.


Sue and Lynda helped and others watched, as another long strip was woven through the wrappings on the seat…


And up the back of Win’s chair…


It certainly enjoyed all the attention!


Finally Win’s chair felt fresh and new again. It really enjoyed a creative day out, felt good about itself!


And it really enjoyed providing a restful seat for Win again. And they lived together happily ever after.


The End!